Assay Characteristics

Format 96 well plate
Specimen plasma
Sample volume 25μl
Working range 0 – 800 ng/ml
Sensitivity ng/ml
Incubations 1 x 2 hours, 1 x 1 hour,
1 x 30 min
Product code IV5-101E

Key Features

The Invitron CgA ELISA is an immunometric assay for the quantitative measurement of Chromogranin A in human samples.

Key features include:
High specificity assay - employing 2 monoclonal antibodies
Simple assay protocol - predilution of samples is not necessary within the working range of this assay


add 100 μl sample buffer and 25 μl sample to each well
incubate for 2 hours
wash 3 times and add HRP conjugate
incubate for 1 hour
wash 3 times and add substrate
incubate for 30 min
add stop solution and read at 450nm