Innovative products for healthcare and toxicology

As a global supplier of high quality diagnostic tests kits, Invitron is committed to the continued development of new and innovative products for use in healthcare and toxicology.

About Us

Invitron is a biotechnology company with specialist expertise in the development and manufacture of high sensitivity in-vitro diagnostics. Based in Monmouth, UK, we produce diagnostic test kits that are exported to customers throughout the world.

Invitron's pro-active research and development programme is continually seeking new and innovative solutions for use in medical and environmental diagnostics. With unsurpassed sensitivity performance, our state-of-the-art 'acridinium ester' chemiluminescence technology has found wide acceptance in research and clinical laboratories across the globe. Diagnostic tests incorporating this technology benefit from very stable reagents with higher sensitivity, better precision and wider working ranges than other assay systems.